Steps to Sell Your Car to a Dealership


When you decide it’s time to sell your car, you’ve got two options: sell privately or sell to a dealership. Selling to a dealership is a quick and efficient way to make some money and get rid of your vehicle. So, how do you sell your car to a dealership?

Rockwall Ford has put together this page to show you step-by-step how to sell your vehicle to a dealership. We hope that drivers from Rockwall, Mesquite, and Garland, TX, find this page helpful.

Step One: Prepare the Paperwork

Getting organized is the first thing you should do when you’re preparing to sell your car. Grab the title if you have it or the loan information if you don’t.

You’ll also want maintenance and repair records if you have them. These records show you’ve taken good care of your car and can help you negotiate when the time comes.

Step Two: Find Out What Your Vehicle is Worth

Finding out your vehicle’s worth is helpful when you go to sell your car to the dealership. You know what to expect from an offer. If you get a range of prices from different places, you can negotiate within that range. You can find estimates of your car’s value on the internet, including our dealership’s website.

Our Kelley Blue Book® Instant Cash Offer tool gives you an estimate based on Blue Book® values. This estimate can even be brought in to act as a firm offer from our dealership.

Step Three: Clean Up Your Vehicle

Cleaning up your vehicle makes it look nice and well-cared for. A well-cared-for car is often worth more money than one that isn’t cared for. Giving your vehicle a wash and vacuum is a great way to make it look nice.

When you’re cleaning up, don’t forget to take out any personal items. You don’t want to forget any when you sell the vehicle.

Step Four: Repairs and Recalls

This is an optional step depending on the condition of your car, how much money you want to spend, and time. If your vehicle has some minor issues like scratches, dents, or burnt-out lightbulbs, getting those repaired can increase the value of your car.

Sometimes vehicles have recalls as well. Make sure you complete these before you sell your car. Bring the records with you to show you’ve done them.

Step Five: Negotiate and Close the Deal

To begin negotiations, a dealership typically needs to take a physical look at your car to confirm it’s in the condition you stated. Then, you’ll get an offer. You can negotiate if you feel the offer is too low. Use your maintenance records and price research to help you make your case.

Once you and the dealership have come to a price you both can agree on, it’s time to sign some paperwork. Make sure everything is correct, sign the deal, and that’s it!

Sell Your Vehicle to Our Dealership

Now that you know the steps of selling your vehicle to a dealership, are you ready to start? Drivers from Rockwall, Mesquite, and Garland, TX, looking to sell their car can bring it by Rockwall Ford.

Our team is happy to help you sell your vehicle and answer any questions about the process. Contact us to get started today.

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