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Safe and Secure Package Content: Cars and SUV's

The contents of this package are also available for purchase at Rockwall Ford's Parts Department and can be added at any scheduled time to any vehicle by Rockwall Ford's service department.


Window Tint
: Texas is hot. Tinting on the windows in Texas is more or less a necessity. Here are some of the reasons that may not be as clear as the windows the tint covers.  There are too many advantages to list them all, Here are just a few

        1. Heat Reduction: Tinting your windows can help to keep your car cool in those record breaking summer months we have recently had.

        2. U.V. Protection: Most window tint blocks out 99% of UV Radiation. This type of radiation has a claimed association with both skin cancers. and the fading effect the sun can have on the colors of the interior of your vehicle. 

        3. Privacy: If you have ever had your windows broken and your personal belongings removed from your vehicle, you understand the benefits to this one. 

Wheel Locks: Whether gone to the movies, dinner, visiting relatives, or sometimes in your own driveway, most of us have heard stories, seen it in movies, or experienced this one ourselves. The person has walked outside from the movies, dinner, or even your own home and found your vehicle sitting on blocks. What they don't show is the cost to replace your missing rims and tires on each missing wheel.... Most factory rims average between $300.00  and $700.00. The tires can be $75.00 to $250.00. Why risk this when a simple set of locking lug nuts can keep your wheels from rolling off in the middle of the night?

Nitrogen in your tires: Nitrogen is less likely to migrate through the tire and fluctuates less in the dramatically changing Texas seasons . More stable pressure in your tires mean both less wear on the tread, and less fuel usage, which saves you money. Also, remember that even though Nitrogen is in the tires, it causes no harm to add normal air from the pump into your tires should you find yourself in need. Should this happen, simply pop by our Rockwall Ford Service Department on your next visit and we would be happy to refill your tires.

Rockwall Ford:

Safe and Secure Package ContentTrucks

The many, many trucks in Rockwall Ford's in-stock inventory, just like the cars, and SUV's come with the Window Tint, Wheel Locks, and Nitrogen in your tires, as described above. But since our Ford trucks can handle some tough work, we thought we would go one step further with one or the other of the items below depending on which vehicle you pick for your next ride or workhorse.

Drop-in or Spray-in Bedliner: As rough as we can be on our vehicles here in Texas, Rockwall Ford has decided it only makes sense to toss these into our trucks. There are a few benefits associated with a bed-liner in both cost savings and care of your truck, that it just seems like something you would appreciate. Here are a couple of those benefits.

1. Cost savings: As nice as they look year after year, a bed-liner, surprisingly enough, isn't just a thing of beauty. Under all the paint and primer, there is metal that just doesn't get along with the weather. As time passes, your bed gets scratched something fierce if you use it like most people. Once a scratch gets deep enough, it opens that metal to the weather, which if you keep your truck "'till the wheels fall off" can bring in rust that will eat away at your bed. 

If you are the type of person that trades your Truck every few years, you aren't in the clear either. A truck without a bed-liner that has picked up all those scratches from use is typically ding'd between $500.00 to $1,500.00 in the appraisal from the average costs to repair at a typical body shop. If you have ever purchased a pre-owned vehicle, you understand the average consumers want avoid purchasing a truck with a scarred up bed.

The products in Rockwall Ford's Safe and Secure package are only included at an additional cost to the consumer if in the Rockwall Ford in-stock inventory. Any vehicle in Rockwall Ford's stock that does not contain the mentioned ads will have them added at Rockwall Ford's service department or by Rockwall Ford at a previously approved third party vendor at no additional cost to the consumer. Any inventory not in stock is assumed to not include these benefits, though they can be added for additional costs through Rockwall Ford's service department or body shop at additional cost unless otherwise specified upon purchase in writing and signed off by a properly authorized manager.
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