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If it’s that time again for your regular oil change, you can count on our service team at Rockwall Ford to help you get it taken care of. Our on-site service center offers quick, convenient, and thorough service to drivers in the Rockwall, Mesquite, and Garland areas.

On this page, you’ll find more information about the importance of oil changes and how we do oil changes at our service center. Read ahead to learn more!

Why You Need Regular Oil Changes

There are many reasons that oil changes are so important, starting with safety. One of the primary jobs that your engine oil does is keep everything lubricated. If these fast-moving parts begin to create friction, it can cause damage under the hood as well as dangerous driving conditions.

Another important role that your engine oil plays is keeping the many parts of your engine system clean. It prevents dirt and other substances from building up and causing a disruption in your engine.

Getting Your Oil Changed in Our Service Center

When it’s time for your regularly scheduled oil change, bring your vehicle to our service center. Our team of expertly trained service technicians will get the job done quickly and correctly, so as not to throw a wrench into your schedule.

Your oil isn’t the only part of your vehicle that needs to be maintained regularly, though. When you bring your vehicle to us for an oil change, you can also opt for The Works™, a comprehensive vehicle checkup done by our team of technicians. Not only will you get your oil changed, but you’ll also get…

  • A tire rotation
  • Pressure check
  • Brake inspection
  • Multi-point inspection
  • Fluid top-off
  • Battery test
  • Filter check

At our service center, you can count on us for all your routine maintenance needs, especially oil changes.

Ready to Schedule Your Oil Change?

Now that you know a bit more about oil changes and how we do them at Rockwall Ford, we hope you’ll think of us the next time you need service. Think that time might be now? Drivers in Rockwall, Mesquite, and Garland can schedule an oil change today by giving our service center a call!

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