How to Boost a Car’s Trade-In Value


Trading in a vehicle is an excellent way to get rid of your old car while you’re in the process of purchasing a new one. You can put the money towards a down payment on the next vehicle or keep the money you make. Either way, Rockwall Ford is here to help.

Rockwall, Mesquite, and Garland, TX, drivers can use this page to learn how to get the most for their trade-in. Check out these tips on when to trade in your vehicle, how to figure out its worth, and more.

Spruce up Your Car

Making your car look nice is a great way to boost its value. A vehicle that looks nicer will typically get a better offer than one that doesn’t look as nice. Washing the exterior and vacuuming the interior can show that you’ve cared for your car.

When you’re sprucing it up, it doesn’t hurt to repair minor issues. This can include scratches and dents. You’ll have to weigh the cost of repairs versus how much more your car might be worth if you complete them to make sure it’s worth the money.

Making your car look better on paper can help too. If you have maintenance records, bring those along to show that you have a history of repairing and caring for your vehicle.

Research, Research, Research

Knowing how much your vehicle is worth can be key to getting more money for your trade-in. Coming into a negotiation with knowledge lets you know how much negotiation room you have or if you’re not being offered enough.

The internet has plenty of ways to tell you how much your car is worth. That includes our website. Our Kelley Blue Book® Instant Cash Offer tool gives you an estimate of your car’s worth and an official offer. Bring the offer and your car within a few days and redeem it at our dealership.

It doesn’t hurt to compare offers either. You can use more than one tool to see how the dealership’s offer stacks up.

When to Trade-In

When you trade-in your car can affect how much you get for it. This includes factors, like the age of the vehicle or mileage (the lower the mileage and newer the vehicle, the better). Gas prices that week can also impact the price.

If you have a specific make and model on many lots right now, you won’t get as much. Too many of the same model for sale might mean they aren’t selling well, so a dealer won’t want to pay a lot for another.

The best time of the year to trade in your vehicle is at the end of the year. While people buy new cars with year-end or holiday deals, dealerships need to rebuild their stock.

Ready to Trade Your Car In?

When you’re ready to find your next vehicle and trade in your car, come to Rockwall Ford. Our team enjoys working with drivers from Rockwall, Mesquite, and Garland, Texas. We’ll make the process straightforward and have you driving away happy in your next vehicle.

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